Hi, I'm Claire

I am a composer, violinist and vocalist based in Manchester.

I perform and collaborate in a broad range of styles, and seek to bring new music to new places through workshops and events.


"Music with mood and muscle" - Wales Arts Review




"replete with wit, warmth, sophistication, and musicality" - Nigel Jarrett

  "compelling, evocative and imaginative" - Simon Desbruslais

"Roberts’ flexible and versatile singing is well complemented                   by her classically honed violin playing" - the Jazz Mann




This year I am the recipient of the Rosie Johnson Apprentice Composer award, working on a new commission for jazz singer Liselotte Osblom and working in the Wigmore Learning department.


Cheating Hearts is a collection of jazz, swing and old time tunes, produced and performed with colleagues in Manchester. The album will was released in January 2020 and is available to buy, stream and download.

Album artwork is designed by Angharad Ffion Design, recorded and mixed by David Coyle. Find out more about my jazz performance diary 

Making Music have paired me up with a leisure-time music group as their "adopted" composer. I will be writing and performing in collaboration with the excellent Camden Symphony Orchestra, and workshopping sketches of the piece throughout the year.


Hijinx create theatre performed by actors with and without learning disabilities in Wales. Working in collaboration with a choreographer, I will be creating an electroactoustic work to perform with the actors in a movement sequence.


The Swing Commanders play joyful music, from American Songbook classics to Western Swing, to enthusiastic audiences both nationally and internationally, from festivals to theatre shows to vintage-style dance halls.