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NMC record release with National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

Two of Claire's works for choir were released on an album of new choral music, recorded by NYCGB. Her songs 'The Moon is Distant from the Sea' and 'Hope is the Thing with Feathers' were featured alongside music from Sun Keting, Tom Metcalf, and Ben Nobuto. Her pieces are inspired by acapella folk singing, and the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Broadcast on Radio 3's Record Review


NOIR is an E.P. which explores chanson, cabaret, melancholy storytelling. The songs are Claire's interpretations of jazz standards, traditional songs, and French ballads, featuring guitarist James Girling, bassist Tim Williams, and the Treske Quartet.

NOIR E.P. release

EBB FLOW digital installation

Music starts at 14.33

Ebb flow is a piece created in collaboration with visual artist Sally Maclachan. The audience of the installation were invited to take wine glasses filled with water, to varying levels which reflected the data of the rising tidelines in Barmouth on the North Wales coast.
 The audience could 'play' the rim of their glass at certain points in the music, written and performed by Claire Victoria Roberts, recorded by David Coyle.

Elasticity is a contemporary classical string quartet work, commissioned in lockdown 2020, thanks to funding from Ambache Trust, RVW Trust, Leeds Literary and Philosophical Society, Boas Trust and production supported by the Gemma Classical Music Trust. The piece was nominated to represent Wales at the ISCM conference, and was workshopped at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival. It received its online premier by the Treske Quartet in 2021.


Collaboration with Don't Feed the Peacocks

Walls and Windows is a piece Claire devised and created with young, improvising folk musicians and members of the National Youth Folk Ensemble. The piece was taught and developed in a workshop setting with the players.

Quartet / trio

Claire's trio / quartet seek to transcend genres in concerts of vocal delights and versatile musicianship.

 "sultry, sassy and sensuous”
- Ian Mann, ‘The Jazz Mann’
“replete with wit, warmth,
sophistication, and musicality”
- Wales Arts Review

 Born in Carmarthen, Claire began singing by competing on the Eisteddfod stages. Her dad, a gypsy jazz violinist, gave her a taste for swing and after graduating from Oxford with a choral scholarship she cut her teeth touring with the Swing Commanders around the UK and Europe. Singing and fiddling on 1940s Western Swing, Claire soon began to make a name for herself as a versatile vocalist and composer, performing jazz, swing, bossa, and chanson. 

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